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I suppose two years between journal entries is a bit lazy.

It's July. It's hot. I hate the heat. I especially hate record breaking highs. I like record breaking lows much better.

You know what I would like to see celebrated or at least recognized? A week straight of non-record breaking temperatures. "This week is neither the hottest nor the coldest week we've ever had." That would be cool.

New interests: In the last two years I've picked up a noted interest in Nightvale, a podcast about a town that suffers from/enjoys a daily dose of the paranormal, vague and ominous government agencies, a sheriff's secret police, a schizoid mayor/mystic, a five headed dragon running to replace said mayor, a scientist with gorgeous perfect hair, a faceless old woman that secretly lives in your home (also running for mayor against said five-headed dragon), and intern stuck in an alternate desert dimension, a monomaniacal glow-cloud, an evil corporation, a dog park in which no dogs or people are allowed full of hooded figures that you are not allowed to look at or think about for too long, non-existing angels, and host of other beings and issues that you are not allowed to think about, all being reported bi-weekly by it's local community radio show host, Cecil.

All Hale the Glow-Cloud.

Also, I've continued crocheting and knitting. I crocheted a giant 15-foot Doctor Who scarf that is too large for normal use. I wear it when it's extremely cold or if I'm attending sci-fi or comic conventions.

I had carpal tunnel surgery last year which put me out of commission for drawing for a long time. I've had to re-teach my hand how to do it with frustrating results, but painting is not so hard. Computer art is extremely difficult when using a trackball mouse, but a regular mouse still makes my hand go numb if I use it too long.

Niece had a baby last year and he just turned 1.

My other niece also had a baby last year. He's about seven months old and I crocheted him a cowboy had.

I have not been to church in a couple of years. I've become somewhat disillusioned by mega-churches and how impersonal and crowded they are. There is no connection felt with the people anymore. My wife has a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses over every once in a while to do bible study. That's fun when I get to sit in on my lunch break sometimes. I should really pick up my bible and do study myself.

I'm thoroughly addicted to Minecraft. I discovered it about a year and a half ago and haven't been able to put it down ever since.

I'm struggling with weight issues. We've been to see a nutritional therapist who believes she can diagnose my nutrient deficiencies with applied kinesiology. I'm starting to think she's a quack, but the supplements she prescribes aren't bad and I have to admit (when I take them) they do make me feel better. I'm not exercising or drinking enough water, so that part I have to change. Too bad they don't make a pill for that.

The world is a mess and crazy and mean and petty as always. People find new things to fight about and try to make me feel bad about it. Facebook is full of it. I've had to tune it out to preserve my sanity.

And that's where I am in a nut shell. Probably lots I'm forgetting or don't want to think about.
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  • Drinking: Espresso

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